Renovate your home to sell for more with no money down!

Did you know that we offer real estate services?  Al Dyck is a licensed realtor with Sutton Westcoast Realty and we have a special offer for our clients that are completing renovations to sell their property.  You can leverage our expertise and capital for your renovation, and do not pay until we sell your home for you!  With over 30 years of experience, Al can help you determine the right renovations to get the most value out of your property.  We also offer a rebate on our realtor commission for working with us.  Renovate your home to sell for more with no money down! 

Buying or selling a home is exciting!  
Selecting the right real estate agent to assist you with the legal, logistical and financial issues is important. 
Al Dyck is a committed and dedicated Real Estate Agent with over 30 years of experience building and renovating homes in the White Rock and South Surrey area.  He is honest, hard-working and trustworthy.  Al has the skills and experience to deliver the results you want.
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Every Realtor needs an amazing team around them to ensure a smooth and easy process for our clients.  We have a network of building and housing experts around the Lower Mainland, as well as local tradespeople and Real Estate Professionals.
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Kathy Dyck
General Manager, Above All Contracting Group of Companies
Unlicensed Assistant, Al Dyck Homes
Originally from Burnaby, Kathy has been an Insurance Professional for 28 years. Together, Kathy and I love taking on real estate investment projects (“flips”).  We thrive on the design, project management and real estate side of these projects.   It was after buying and selling 10 properties of our own that we entered into Real Estate services as an addition to our construction and investment property businesses.  
Kathy oversees all four of the Above All Contracting construction and real estate companies and manages the administration, forms and contracts, and human resources.  Kathy coordinates and manages all services needed for the three areas of a real estate deal - listing, staging and selling of properties and ensures all the details of each stage are taken care of.  Kathy has built long-standing relationships with subcontractors and works directly with insurance companies and the real estate board, taking care of all the paperwork and details for our clients.
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With over 30 years experience in building, renovating and selling properties, we are a team that is able to provide the support and expertise that our clients need throughout the real estate transaction process.  

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We’re proud of all the projects we’ve completed within the Lower Mainland throughout the years, and the benefits and services we offer our clients and partners.  

You can renovate your house or condo to increase the sale price and not pay until after you sell because we carry your renovation costs until we sell your home.  No other realtor or renovator will use their money to pay for your renos. We do. And we’ll explain EXACTLY how we do it and how you end up with more profit from your sale.  PLUS we will give you a rebate on our commission, so you save even more.

Because we’re investing our own money, you can rest assured that our goals are the same as yours: doing the renovations and upgrades that will give you the best return, selling your home quickly, and getting you more profit from the sale.

And all with the ease of only dealing with one company.

Al Dyck Personal Real Estate Corporation, Contractor

Kathy Dyck, General Manager, Above All Contracting and Al Dyck Homes